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15 April 2014
The Crucible
Arthur Miller
Directed by Yaël Farber
Previews from 24 June 2014
Richard Armitage to lead the cast in The Crucible
Initial casting for Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is announced. Richard Armitage, Anna Madeley
and Samantha Colley are to play John Proctor, Elizabeth Proctor and Abigail Williams in Yaёl
Farber’s new production at The Old Vic, with previews…

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Personal stuff


i have stayed away from tumblr for a while. This time the longest since I’ve created this account. I’ve been doing a lot of waiting and asking and negotiating soliciting for my academic goals. I applied to bunch of different programs this year.I’ve been accepted to some good and some mediocre programs by my standard… Ok they aren’t that bad but not so good either. And it frustrates the heck out of me that two of the better ones that I’ve applied to are NOT EVEN GIVING ME ANY DECISION YET WHEN THE DEADLINE TO MAKE FINAL DECISION IS FREAKING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t you think 3 months is enough to come up with an answer for the application I paid friggin $$ for the slugs to review BEFORE DEADLINES BY MOST OTHER PROGRAMS. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG THEY SHOULD HAVE A REFUND POLICY FOR REAL.

In any case, I will have to make the announcement by tomorrow.

In any case, it seems that I might get to see some RA fans in the US if anyone is willing to meet up for some fun! XD Although I am a very boring and frustrated person at this point. (T___T) arg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is RA doing the play or not? Because I am so so so going!!!!!!!!! SO GOING!!!!!! YES Flying all that distance just to see you from the opposite side of the world!!!!!!And taste the highly venerated Fish and Chips that Lucas picked up on his way back to MI5!!!!! AND I WILL GO TO THE COTTON FACTORY THAT JOHN THORNTON RAN!!!!! MIGHT AS WELL VISIT DIBLEY TOWN TO EAT WHAT HARRY ATE WITH GERALDINE GRANGER ON THEIR FIRST DATE!!! BBC TOUR!!! LAMDA TOUR!!! LEICESTERSHIRE TOUR!!! I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF THESE ARE EVEN POSSIBLE BUT IF I GO I WANNA DO ALL THOSE. but you need to tell us soon Richard or I might not be able to go…I will be devastated!!!!!!

Tue 24 June – Sat 13 Sept

Preview pricing: Tue 24 June – Tue 8 July
Mon–Sat 7.30pm; Wed & Sat 2.30pm

[Please note there are no matinee performances on Wed 25 June & Wed 9 July].

Captioned Performances: Sat 26 July at 2.30pm & Tue 12 Aug at 7.30pm
Audio Described Performance: Thu 14 Aug at 7.30pm

TICKETS: £10, £16, £21, £30, £45, £55

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